kmr partners, inc.

KMR Partners strategically sources & manages direct mail, printing and fulfillment programs.

​"KMR PARTNERS" did a free cost-saving analysis and generated a 38% savings resulting in a $115,000 annual savings to our bottom line.  We plan to proceed with KMR Partners as we enter the new year.

CEO - Mortgage Insurance Client

“KMR PARTNERS provides innovative, cost-saving solutions that align with the needs of our clients nationwide. Their professionalism and thoroughness will quickly make them your most trusted provider.” 

Director of Marketing - Fortune 500 Retail Client

"It has been a pleasure working with KMR Partners. I never take for granted the ease in which it is to work with you!
Most importantly, you are always solving problems—that is one of the greatest attributes in business, and your greatest strength!
Thanks and let’s have a great 2019 and beyond!"

Senior Marketing Consultant - Health Insurance Client

“I appreciate all the support I receive working with KMR PARTNERS especially with our quick turn times and somewhat unusual needs.” 

Project Manager - Health Insurance Client

“Working with KMR PARTNERS has been a great experience! Their sound advice and expertise have helped simplify the numerous mailings we have worked on together.” 

Associate Director of Marketing - University Client

“KMR PARTNERS was able to show savings for our clients. I was also impressed with KMR’s ability to support our sales and operations efforts across the country as our customers reside on both coasts.” 

Chief Financial Officer - Managed Services Client

“Their response is always timely and thorough. Follow up is always on point and attention to time and detail is completely evident.” 

Production Specialist - Non-Profit Client

“KMR PARTNERS is very responsive and flexible when we need to make last minute changes!” 

Development Director - Non-Profit Client

“KMR PARTNERS always provides personal service & quick response.  They are truly great to work with.” 

Production Manager - Realty Client


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